As kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring. We’d stay sparky.


Of all the roles we play as parents, being a source of excitement has got to be the most fulfilling. After all, when we were kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring.

So here we are. Reinventing the heavy plastic furniture that weighs young families down, one product at a time. Freeing us all up to be the sparky sources of fun our kids deserve.

Small and Mighty

Discover Pop-Up

Pop-Up Booster, a multi award-winning design.

Pop-Up is only a few months old and has already been awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD and the SPARK DESIGN AWARD, both world-renowned design prizes.


Pop-Up Booster

We challenged ourselves to make a booster seat that folded down to the size of a tablet. One you can pop up when you need it, and pop in your bag when you don't.


Bamboo Baby Bouncer

This is the bouncer your kids would invent. If they had a degree in engineering.


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