The Back to School Challenge

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Ready or not

The hot topics these days among parents are about vaccines, start of school, and the now rampant Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus.  The combination of these issues frames the mood of uncertainty and concern in most families as schools around the world are resuming classes, in one form or another.  Parents are faced with the nagging question of whether to let the children go back to face-to-face school or keep them at home, especially for children under 12 years old who are not vaccinated.

Blackboard says Back to School with Mask next to it

The impact of the pandemic on our children’s education is profound, both academically and socially.  They missed out on more than a year’s worth of learning how to interact with other children and were deprived of many bonding experiences such as camps, sports, and games.  Not everyone takes well to online lessons either and many kids prefer in-person classes which are more effective in helping them learn.  In order for children not to miss more precious time at school, we need to find out how to make it safe for kids to go back into the classrooms again and how best to help lower the risk of them catching the nasty virus.

Mask up!

Little girl with a big mask

It has been one and a half years since the pandemic started and one can only be on high alert with cleanliness and hygiene for so long.  Additionally with the arrival of Summer there was this false sense of security that the worst is finally over.  Don’t know about you, but my guard has been lowered somewhat when it comes to constantly maintaining a high standard of cleanliness around me and my family !  Unfortunately, the situation has once again become more concerning with the super contagious Delta variant, which means we need to stay vigilant again on everything and everyone we touch or encounter.  Many places around the globe resort back to mandatory face coverings in public places indoor, schools included.  With the arrival of Fall also comes the flu season, so the best way to keep our kids healthy is still to ask them to wear their masks when at school or playing with friends.  Another important habit we all learned during the pandemic is to keep our hands clean and don’t touch our faces with dirty hands, so never let your little one go to school without a small bottle of hand sanitizer!  Here’s a list of school supplies ideas and tips for your child to start the school year safely and healthily.

Post COVID stationery for school

When in doubt, sanitize

Many households have developed their own set of rules by now on what to do when you come home from a day at work or from grocery shopping.  Some of these rules might include changing out of the clothes you were wearing outside, wash hands with soap, disinfect the bags or items you have brought into the house, etc.  The same might apply to your child when they come home from school, additionally it might be better to regularly sanitize their school bags and smaller items such as stationery and toys they might have shared with other children.

We have come this far already in the pandemic and have found so many ways to make the best out of a difficult situation.  Getting our children back to school in a safe and responsible way is just another hurdle we must jump over to take back a bit more control of our lives as we knew it before COVID-19!  We got this! 

Stay Sparky!     

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