The Big Summer Escape

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Going on vacation no matter what!

Can’t believe Summer is just around the corner and it’s the second year we have to face the challenge of planning summer family vacation during a Pandemic.  I think we all deserve a good Summer break, especially this year, after battling with all the problems, sadness, and social isolation COVID-19 has thrown our way. Looking at the bright side, many countries now have a big part of their population fully or partially vaccinated, and hopefully the situation can only get better from here.  There is so much more talk of vacationing away from home this year compared to last Summer and more holiday destinations seem to be re-opening for business again by the day.

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We mean it when we say, "Have a safe trip!"

Whether you and your family are fully vaccinated or not, or the social distancing rules are slowly relaxing more, precautions still need to be taken when planning your travels, after all the Pandemic is still a very present threat globally.  These guidelines issued by the Mayo Clinic are super helpful for travelling this Summer, with different suggestions on what to expect, to bring along, and how to stay safe depending on the mode of transportation.

Take it easy.

Like it or not, international, or even national travels have changed forever since the Pandemic started.  New protocols at airports, hotels, and restaurants are in place and we need to get accustomed to them.  In 2019, who would have ever imagined that “face coverings” would become a necessary accessory to go with our resort clothes and flip-flops when walking around a hotel???  We need to be extra patient and take on a more flexible attitude during our vacation because flight schedules might change due to local infection situation of your holiday destination, or social distancing rules could vary from one day to the next. 

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Be creative

Instead of flocking to the already crowded and fully booked resorts, maybe we can consider other “safer” and more “socially distanced” vacation ideas!  Especially if your family have young children who are not vaccinated, these suggestions could be good alternatives for a relaxing and enjoyable family holiday. If you have not already done so in the past year, a pampering staycation in a nice hotel near your home can also ease away some of the stress and tension accumulated in the last 12 months and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Stay Sparky! 


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