Our promise

Remember how when we were kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring, we'd be the cool, fun parents all kids deserve? Of all the roles we play as parents, being a source of excitement has got to be the most fulfilling.

So here we are. As trained engineers we’re making it our mission to reinvent all the unhelpful plastic that weighs young families down, freeing us up grown-ups to be the sparks of fun we promised ourselves to be!

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we're bombol

How we got here?

Twenty years ago and in pursuit of their dreams, the young couple Paulina and Frédéric settled in Milan (Italy), far from their families. We loved going out and have fun. When we became parents, life changed overnight. We quickly realized it was not the baby that pinned us down, but the bulky stuff that came with the baby.

Our dream was to share the world with our kids - we were not going to let a few products stand in our way. We’re all parents, but before we were parents we were engineers, industrial designers and inventors. We got to work and Bombol was born!

Today, Bombol can be found in all corners of the world for parents to Stay Sparky!

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