30-day Trial + tax included
30-day Trial + tax included
Grey baby lounger with Little girl and moms looking after her

As kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring. We’d stay sparky.

Of all the roles we play as parents, being a source of excitement has got to be the most fulfilling. After all, when we were kids we promised ourselves we’d never turn boring.

foldable baby booster seat

Inventors first. Parents second.

So here we are. As trained engineers we’re making it our mission to reinvent all the unhelpful plastic that weighs young families down. Freeing up grown-ups to be the sparky sources of fun all kids deserve.

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How we got here

Bombol was started by Paulina and Frédéric in Italy in 2008. When they moved to Hong Kong, Francesco joined the team. We’re all parents, but before we were parents we were engineers, industrial designers and inventors.

Francesco Pozzato

Business & Product Director


Francesco has a Masters in Ergonomics of Communication and Product Design. We weren’t completely sure what that meant either. But what we do know is, with over a decade of experience working for the likes of Tiffany & Co, Veneta Cucine and Philippe Starck, he is truly a master of industrial design. He loves to talk to people and ensures that feedback is injected directly into the design process.

Paulina Chu

Managing Director


Paulina has a Masters in Fashion Design from the Domus Academy Milan and an MBA from SDA Bocconi Milan, making her a force to be reckoned with in the fashion business world. Before Bombol, Paulina worked in retail and merchandising for Gucci, Prada and Bottega Veneta. She understands luxury goods inside out, and knows exactly how to create products that are simple, functional and beautiful.

Frédéric Gooris

Creative Director


Frédéric is so obsessed with industrial design he runs a separate design studio alongside Bombol, simply to keep new ideas flowing across our desk. He has a Masters in Design from Domus Academy Milan (where he met Paulina), and has over 17 years’ experience creating products for top designers like Philippe Starck, and global brands such as Alessi, China Southern Airlines, Seiko and Levis.