Earth Day 2022

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Closing the Gap


It’s time to celebrate Earth Day again on April 22, a perfect occasion to remind ourselves and our little ones how precious the limited resources on Earth are.  Compared to the time when we were growing up, our kids are taught about environmental issues from a much younger age.  However, our daily life is still heavily surrounded by disposable plastics, excessive packaging, and unsustainable fast fashion.  So, much effort is necessary for us to consciously close this gap between what we know we should do and our actual actions. This could be something the entire family can work towards together.

Parent and Child Hands holding Earth

A little bit goes a long way

I always believe in the strategy of starting small.  For those of us who live in the heart of a city, observing Earth Day by planting a tree somewhere might not be an option.  But fun family activities such as combining a picnic with park or beach clean-up could be a good alternative.  I also really like the idea of making compost with household organic waste or growing plants from jars to brighten up the windowsill. 

Plant in a Bottle

Know the rules of the game

Having lived in several cities before settling down with the family, I noticed that different recycling rules apply depending on the country you live in.  So, teaching the kids about recycling might not be so straightforward after all!  A great way to teach the children about recycling is to give them the responsibility to sort out the recyclable garbage at home and prepping them before putting them into the recycling bins.  Nothing beats the efficiency of learning on the job, right? 😉 

Child separating waste for recycling

Less is more

Sometimes, recycling might not be the only way to sustainability because a lot of energy and resources need to go into the recycling process which also is not so environmentally friendly.  But if we can use an item longer and pass it on to others to continue to use, we are also consuming less by prolonging the useful life of the product.  This is also our belief here at Bombol, to make durable products so that they can be passed on from baby to sibling to cousin to friends!  I love receiving emails from our customers telling us how the Bamboo bouncer is still being used by their 3rd child 10 years on! 

Bouncer from 0 to 5 years old

No matter which ways we choose to teach our children about sustainability, it takes a conscious collective effort to make a difference fast enough to slow down the damages we are doing to our planet, so let’s start now!

Stay Sparky!

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