3 Major Benefits of a Foldable Booster Seat

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A Foldable Booster is Definitely a Game-Changer!

Parents holding baby’s hand walking in the park with foldable booster on father’s shoulder.

It is always better to use your own booster seat than a public one

Hygiene concern is a big issue these days and all parents are very much on the alert to keep everything their baby uses as clean as possible, especially when eating out.  Many restaurants or hospitality spaces do offer highchairs for their little guests, but they might not have the time to keep their equipment as clean as we would like them to.  Having your own booster seat is the best solution in this case when you can clean it properly after use and your child can have a clean booster to sit on every time.

Say “NO” to chunky furniture also in Grandma’s house!

Our parents have made so many sacrifices for us since the day we were born and continue to do so when they become Grandparents.  They babysit our kids, take them on holidays, and spoil them with sweets before passing them back to us still sugar-high!  So many grandparents have a complete set of baby gear at their homes so they are fully equipped to take on the grandkids at any time.  After an action-packed weekend at Grannies’ the kids have gone home, and they are stuck with the bulky high-chair in their kitchen for the rest of the week / month!  This is when a foldable booster seat can come in handy for them: it can be folded and stored away in the drawer until the next visit without taking up space.  No bulky furniture they need to move in or out of storage either.

Folded Booster Seat stored together with cookbooks in the kitchen

It’s chair for home away from home, wherever you go

Kids tend to get attached to things very easily and would like to drag along everything that belongs to them, furniture included!  This might help them to feel more secure when they are away from home or familiar surroundings.  For a toddler, sitting at a table for a meal outside the home environment might feel a bit intimidating at times, so having brought along his own chair could help him ease into the situation a bit faster. A foldable booster seat makes taking along his own dining chair beats lugging a highchair to your friend’s house!

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