A Cozy Christmas Bucket List

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The Holiday Rush

Even though Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year, I always can’t help but feel a bit stressed and overwhelmed during the entire month of Dec!  From getting our home ready for the holiday season, to baking Christmas treats, to rushing to buy the last bit of groceries for our family gatherings, my to do list just seems endless!  Then when it’s all over, I regret that instead of stressing over practical tasks and trying to get as much done as possible, I should have enjoyed the company and warmth of our family and friends during this magical season.  So, this year in order not to lose sight of what’s more important, I am planning to make a bucket list to identify a few select activities (let’s not get too ambitious here or else I would get stressed about that too!) I would like to do with my family.

Child on Pop-Up Booster decorating Xmas tree

Back to the basics

Apart from the obvious, such as reading Christmas stories to the kids or doing a holiday movie marathon, I would like to spend some simple bonding time with them in the kitchen whipping up some holiday-themed yummy treats to enjoy with the movies!  Or knock down that gingerbread house we have built together and gobble it up in a sitting or two.  The aim is to give my family my undivided attention and just enjoy each other’s company without mentally checking off my task list or trying to get a million things done in the next hour. 

Child reading in Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer next to Xmas Tree

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Sharing is caring

The holiday season is also about sharing, so I would like to include an activity or two to do something for the community that in our everyday life we might not be able to find enough time to do.  My daughters are asking me to teach them how to knit and crochet, so I thought this could be a wonderful time to teach them to make something warm for the homeless or families in need of winter clothing.  Another option is to go volunteer in a charity for a day or two, serving food or delivering necessities to the elderly.  It is something we can do as a family and the children will be able to see the immediate difference their effort can make for people less fortunate than we are.

After an entire year of running around, meeting various deadlines for work and family, and letting our daily routine swallow us whole, this is the moment to slow down and take a deep breath!  Enjoy the lovely little things and the important people in your life.

Have a lovely Sparky Christmas!

Bombol Gingerbread House 2021

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